The Climate Forest Association is a collective of local companies whose focus is on planting trees – both native and exotic – to fight the urgent issue of climate change

New Zealand Trees

Our membership is made up of some of the leading contributors to Aotearoa’s climate change efforts – locally owned and operated organisations, which together have captured more than 25 million tonnes of CO2 over the last decade.

What has brought us together is a shared understanding of the urgency of the climate emergency, and a clear view of the strategies which will enable us to deliver measurable and meaningful responses – at scale. Our common approach combines best-practice, active forest management with proven commercial acumen to establish nature-based climate solutions that are being fully-funded by the private sector.

Picture of a Tui, native bird to New Zealand

We also work in partnership with thousands of local landowners, farmers and Iwi across the country.

By planting and managing trees on previously unproductive areas of their land, we allow them to diversify income, unlock the potential of areas that were previously a drain on finances, help in the fight against climate change and leave a positive, lasting legacy.

Ultimately our focus is on restoring the indigenous forests that once covered Aotearoa, capturing carbon while the planet most needs it and creating the right conditions for biodiverse and climate-resilient landscapes that will continue to provide social, cultural, economic and environmental benefits for generations

New Zealand Trees
New Zealand Trees