We plant, grow, protect and manage trees to provide a range of environmental benefits – from capturing carbon from the atmosphere to improving the health of soil and waterways to increase the climate resilience of vulnerable areas

New Zealand Trees New Zealand Trees

We fund our work through proven commercial models, supported by investment from the private sector. Our focus is on establishing projects that are both environmentally and commercially sustainable – to ensure the New Zealand taxpayer doesn’t bear the cost of our country’s climate action.

We work in partnership with local landowners, and tailor our approach to make the best use of their marginal or unproductive land. This provides opportunities for them to participate in the carbon economy, while using their land how they best see fit for future generations.

We do not plant on otherwise productive land. Site selection plays an enormous role in the success of the forest, and in particular the opportunities for long-term native regeneration. So, we work very closely with landowners to choose the right areas of their land for planting.

Every one of our forests is actively managed over the long term. As well as enhancing the environment for native regeneration, this includes a focus on weed control, pest eradication and continuous canopy cover management – all of which supports biodiversity and provides a source of local employment.

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Our work provides a range of benefits for local communities. We support hundreds of jobs in regional New Zealand – up to a third more roles than would be established by farming the unproductive land we plant on – and work with hundreds of local businesses.

We also contribute to valuable new industries. Wood from our continuous canopy cover harvesting processes provides a valuable source of fibre for the developing biofuel, biochar and biochemistry sectors.

New Zealand Trees
New Zealand Trees