The climate emergency is real and we are already feeling its effects.

Picture of forest in New Zealand

Without clear and measurable action now, the lives of generations to come will be gravely affected by the impacts of a warming world.

We’re doing something about it.

The Climate Forest Association is working to restore and regenerate Aotearoa’s forests, protecting and planting native trees and using fast-growing exotics to capture large amounts of CO2, quickly and effectively, to help reduce harmful greenhouse gases.

Our forests are fully funded by private investment to ensure New Zealand’s climate solution doesn’t have to be paid for by local taxpayers. And that investment is made in local communities, working in partnership with landowners across New Zealand, to harness the power of previously unproductive land in the fight against climate change.

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Through ongoing, active management our long-term approach to the regeneration of forests will see more than 100,000 hectares of new native forest established and protected across Aotearoa

But there’s much more to be done if we are to meet New Zealand’s emissions targets. So, we’re committed to working with local Iwi, farmers and landowners to help them plant more trees to protect the planet.

New Zealand Trees
New Zealand Trees